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The End…. For now anyways

As you may have noticed i have stopped blogging. I am running out of ideas and am finding my time better spent with lil c while i still have the opportunity to do so. If i feel like it i may pick it up again later. But i will probably use a different format so i will send out a facebook message to those invited. Thanks for reading!

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Thursday, May 23, 2002:

6 pm: obligatory dinner with family member I am living with

7pm: finish any assignments or studying for classes

8pm: get dressed and hair/makeup done for going out

9pm: party it up at Metro

1 am: head home, alone

Fast forward 10 years
Thursday May 24, 2012:

6 pm: quiet dinner with the husband and kid… Everyone wants to be there!

7 pm: play time with Callum, and then bathtime

8 pm: Callum is in bed asleep, Colin and I relax on the couch for a bit

9 pm: Everyone in the house is now in bed asleep

1 am: still sleeping

My how things have changed!

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In the jungle

The tigress stalks her prey. Coming at it from behind. She sneaks ever closer. She springs. Aha! Got it. Alas, it is not the prey she had intended on, but it will hold her off for awhile.

That was my experience at the VV Boutique (Value Village for those unaware) today. I was in search of the perfect jeans. And yes, they do exist.

The last time I did a good VV shop was almost 3 years ago. I got the perfect jeans an a bunch of other stuff I can’t remember. But Oh those jeans. They were fabulous. GAP long & lean stretch with a mild wash. It was like they were made just for me. And the best part: $7.99!!

Now I wore these jeans almost everyday until they were threadbare in the thighs. I finally parted ways a short 1.5 years after I got them. It was really hard to throw them out!!

Flash forward to today. Last minute VV trip scheduled with a friend and off we went. All I could think about was finding another pair of perfect jeans. I am a couple sizes bigger than the last pair, so I was already off to a rocky start.

I found quite a few pairs worth trying on, but the ones I was most excited for, and saved them for last, was a pair of GAP long & lean. Just a little darker than the perfect pair. I tried all but the GAP jeans on. Found one pair of nice Bluenotes. Time for the main event.

One foot in. So far so good.

Second foot in. Here we go.

Up over the thighs….. Looking good so far.

Buttoned up… No muffin top! My ass looks great. Then I looked down. It was like the jeans were expecting the store to flood.


So the Bluenotes jeans were the ones I went with. They aren’t fantastic, but for $9.99 will do the trick until I can return for another round. Bonus though, got a super cute owl tshirt ;-)

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Well that sucked.

Today is mothers day. And it started out like this:

Callum is teething and going through a clingy phase. He only had one nap yesterday (2-3) but went to bed no problem at 8. He was up for 2 hours at 10:30, screaming his head off. So we gave hime some tylenol. For those who know me well, i am very anti-drug. That fibally put him to sleep at 1ish (after i nursed him again, and colin rocked him down). He was up again at 4:30…. Colin got up then because I didnt get to bed until he went down the first time at 12:30ish.

I am going to stop now. I was going to write about how I got way less sleep than I am used to last night. How the forzani run was a shit show and a half, and that in my mind it was a failure. And how i got home to last minute bought flowers, with no card…….. But i wont (even though i kinda just did).

My first mothers day did kinda suck, but only because i had built it up in my head. But as i lay here with a sleeping baby on my chest, my perspective has changed.

I have a wonderful husband who bought me beautiful flowers even though he is somewhat allergic and hates flowers.

I was able to go to an event with 14,000 people and enjoy a beautiful calgary may morning.

I got to spend time with my family (dogs included) on a nice walk to the park this afternoon. Which is something we dont get to do often.

And right now, my baby is peacefully sleeping on my chest (too bad i am going to have to wake him up for dinner in a few minutes) and my husband is making dinner (spring rolls, YUM).

I really don’t have anything to complain about now do I!

Happy First Mothers Day to all the newbies, and Happy Mothers Day to all the veterans!

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So In Love Part 2

I am in love with life right now! I am happy, hubby is happy (aside from a little bit of financial stress), an dmoat importantly, lil C is one happy baby boy!

My goal of decluttering my life is taking shape quite nicely. I do a little bit everyday. The new gizmo I am totally smitten with is my label maker. So much so that i have run the batteries dead in it. I use it on all my new, neatly stacked plastic bins. Colin is getting more on board too. Cleaning out bins in the garage, and getting used to my new organization of the kitchen. I also finished painting lil C’s bathroom in the new color that I want to redo the house with. Looks pretty good!

I am making progress on the health side of things too. I walked 4km on friday, 5km on saturday, 5km on sunday and another 4km on monday. It felt great. I would have been out on tuesday too had it not been for a play date and the crappy weather. The weather isn’t an issue for me or callum so much as it is an issue for London and Lola. Lola hates being in the rain, and london just gets so down right dirty when the road is wet. I also feel bad when I go out and i don’t bring the girls with. I have registered for the Mothers Day Run…. 10km. I may change that to the 5km and just give myself a goal of under 45 minutes.

That is all for now.

PS - where are all my blog sisters at? I haven’t seen anything new from you guys in awhile.

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So In Love

I am so in love with my little family unit right now. Colin came home from work, and Callum just started babbling up a storm and getting kinda fussy. I told Colin to hurry up and get changed. The instant he started to play with Lil C, my heart melted. Callum was so excited to play with his Daddy and all his toys. It was absolutely precious, and made my day!

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Once bitten, twice *OUCH*

Lil C has teeth. Most women who have breastfed know exactly where this is going.

On Colin’s days off, Callum does not nap too good. Yesterday was no exception. He woke up early. Did not want to go down for a nap. When I finally did get him down, he only slept for an hour. We thought a walk may put him to sleep (especially seeing as the weather was rediculously nice 23*), but no such luck. He was in a great mood when it came time for bath/bed time considering he was up for 12 hours with only an hour nap! That is where it went down hill very fast.

Bath time was okay, aside from him trying to climb out every 30 seconds. So it was a short bath. Getting him into his pj’s was where he started to come undone.

I went to nurse him, and he was doing fine for 10 minutes, then his latch slipped and he bit my nipple with those two adorably precious bottom teeth. It wasn’t a hard bite. I didn’t yell, but Idid gasp loud enough for Colin to hear it downstairs. I took Callum off and told him in a firm voice “No. We do not bite.” That was the breaking point. He pitched a huge fit. It was as if I had cut a limb off of him. Colin came up, gave him a cuddle until he calmed down, then I went back to nursing, only on the other side.

5 minutes into that side he bit me on purpose. That time I did squeel. Again i pulled him off and told him not to bite. He lost his shit!!!

Eventually he passed out in my arms from shear exhaustion. But this did get me thinking. I am tired of being a dairy cow. I would love to stop nursing. I thought this for about 30 seconds, then shook my head. I LOVE nursing my son. YES it is uncomfortable at times. YES he can bite with those precious little teeth now. But YES I love the feeling of holding him in my arms and listening to his tummy gurgle with milk.

So I journey forward into the land of nursing a kid with teeth, and hope for the best. Pray for the safe return of me and my nipples!

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You know….. THOSE people

There are some people in this world that i just want to smack upside the head. You know, those people who turn into a parking stall that you were waiting for. Those people who make an appointment for the early afternoon, but the sit in the waiting room with a look of absolute disgust at the children politely playing (albeit somewhat noisely) in the waiting room. Those people who don’t have the common courtesy to change the roll of paper that lies where your face goes on the adjusment table. I hate those people who think they are better than everyone else around them, and it shows.

Sure, we all think we are better at some (or all) things than other people, but we try not to let it show. Otherwise we get labelled as one of THOSE people.

There was a lady at my chiro appointment today who was one of them. She stole my parking spot out from underneath me. She glared and rolled her eyes at all of the cute children. And then after her adjustment she looked at the paper. I swear for a split second she thought about changing it, but then he walked away. And I would have given her the benefit of the doubt (maybe she was in a hurry) but she stopped and talked to the receptionist on the way out! The cute 4 year old kid who went after her changed the paper.

I wanted to yell at her, but instead I rant on my blog.

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Onward and Upward (with a step back)

I talked to Big C about my not sleeping due to house issues… And he is totally onboard!! Yay! As we speak (or as I type) he is out in the garage with Kurt putting up cupboards to get it organized. It will be nice to have a garage that looks the way we want it to. No more tools laying about and we can finally get rid of our “we need a temporary rack” 5 year old plastic tower of death. I swear this plastic tower should have fallen over years ago with the amount of stuff we have on it, but it still stands.

The step back comes in regards to our artwork around the house. Colin and I have EXTREMELY different tastes in art. I LOVE modern sleek and simple, Colin likes rustic handmade and ugly ;-)
All of the picture frames and artwork that I have purchased have simple black frames. The pieces we have from colins mom have brown intricate frames, or cheapo metal frames. I have no idea where to put them! At the least, I can paint the metal frames to make them somewhat cohesive with my plan. The worst offenders are the ones with the most sentimental value.

The first we shall call ‘Haystacks’. Haystacks has been in colins family for years. It’s a hand painted oil of haystacks in a field, nicely framed with an old brown wood frame. Not my favorite, but tolerable. It has been hanging in our stairwell since we moved in. I want to move it elsewhere, but have no clue where. It is the one piece of artwork that is hanging in our house from colins side, and i want to change it.
The second offender is one we recently acquired from colins mom. It is a painting his grandma did of an owl, but it is in a brown frame and it is painted on a something brown. This something is like the wood that is used as the backing on cheap bookcases. The owl creeps me out. Colin wants to put it in Callums room. I am doing my best to make sure that never happens. I love his family, but I hate that painting.

PS-our garage looks fantastic! And Colin wants to do more with it still!